Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snaps from the Maximum city

From the city of dreams...where everyone is king..where the rich is getting richer and the poor is no going anywhere...where people fight...claim of it as their own..probably the city with highest number of migrants..the city which in someway or the other has made its way into the life of every Indian..and probably much of the world as well..

what can you relate this to??

Lonely..very lonely.. :(

Think..there is so much left in a broken bulb..this once used to lighten the path for us..broke..now abandoned..Aint this true everywhere???

I will call this freedom..
And this is Happiness..
Whats left to say?..
Just like that..eehhee
Triangle love story..:D

Count the colors..
I know that this post is getting streched..Let me present to you..the SOULFOOD of Mumbai..
Hot n Steamy - Vada Paav..I did go for a second serving...Yummyyy

Published 2 poems in authspot..A milestone reached..

Yippee..got 2 of my poems published..online..Just a milestone may be..but I know my way..



Do visit..

Wings Of Love

These snaps reminded me of true love :) ..and probably much more than that..

When was the last time you pecked your loved one with so much care ???

I truly can be a paparazzi..oops..privacy invaded..sorry folks..

My Fav snap...she's eager for a shot...he's pissed off..
What a mean world it is???...Kaam khatam...shurrrrr

Khunnas???...Might be thinking how to kill me for making his gal fly away??...

Also found were a few other couples..

Old chaps I think...seasoned in love..least bothered of my presence..hehe
When these guys came face to face..I thought it will be a kissy wissy..but they just sat like this for some 15 odd mins..AND FLEW AWAY...Darnnnn...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the rain

The first drop of tears fell
rolled down the rosy cheeks
packed to the brim with love
has what the heart has to say

I would say, a tear does talk
tales of joy, of sorrow and more
some get buried in the pink lips
some die down in the waiting palms

like the lonely drops of rain
pure and virgin, yet it falls
ripped apart by the waitng sand
only to be drenched and drowned

standing by the window, in the rain
inside its cozy and so very warm
my soul now outside in the rain, all drenched
not waiting, but watching the falling droplets

Let Go...But They??

Heavy on the heart, tired is the soul
Glad to carry, we live on with the load
Hard to see, Cloudy eyes with tears
Why live just die, can't you just let go

Once its a girl, then its someone close
care for you, but do quench their thirst
They thrive and live glad, you sure fall
dont fight them, but cant you just let go

It grows, a spreading tree, snap it now
clean the air, stale now hard to breath
beats your heart, even now for them
dont forget them, but cant you just let go

You are the one, not much left in there
They live, glad and you just a thought
Mounting is the burden, they are now free
Burn it, shed it, just let go...but...they ??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poetry - Afterlife

I am just another guy
A dream to live before i die
Its burning all around, ego and pride
No one is spared, it was a fun ride

I was alive, was too loyal
I now burn alone, they set the pyre
Today they laugh, let it be
A dawn will come, them wishing for tears to come

Am now buried, deep down under you
don't be scared the soil is loose, so are you
As time goes by, a seed will thrive on me
roots digging deep on my emotions

That tree indeed wont hurt you
wont cause you any harm
you changed and died, forgot me
I live with more love for you.