Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snaps from the Maximum city

From the city of dreams...where everyone is king..where the rich is getting richer and the poor is no going anywhere...where people fight...claim of it as their own..probably the city with highest number of migrants..the city which in someway or the other has made its way into the life of every Indian..and probably much of the world as well..

what can you relate this to??

Lonely..very lonely.. :(

Think..there is so much left in a broken bulb..this once used to lighten the path for us..broke..now abandoned..Aint this true everywhere???

I will call this freedom..
And this is Happiness..
Whats left to say?..
Just like that..eehhee
Triangle love story..:D

Count the colors..
I know that this post is getting streched..Let me present to you..the SOULFOOD of Mumbai..
Hot n Steamy - Vada Paav..I did go for a second serving...Yummyyy

Published 2 poems in authspot..A milestone reached..

Yippee..got 2 of my poems published..online..Just a milestone may be..but I know my way..



Do visit..

Wings Of Love

These snaps reminded me of true love :) ..and probably much more than that..

When was the last time you pecked your loved one with so much care ???

I truly can be a paparazzi..oops..privacy invaded..sorry folks..

My Fav snap...she's eager for a shot...he's pissed off..
What a mean world it is???...Kaam khatam...shurrrrr

Khunnas???...Might be thinking how to kill me for making his gal fly away??...

Also found were a few other couples..

Old chaps I think...seasoned in love..least bothered of my presence..hehe
When these guys came face to face..I thought it will be a kissy wissy..but they just sat like this for some 15 odd mins..AND FLEW AWAY...Darnnnn...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In the rain

The first drop of tears fell
rolled down the rosy cheeks
packed to the brim with love
has what the heart has to say

I would say, a tear does talk
tales of joy, of sorrow and more
some get buried in the pink lips
some die down in the waiting palms

like the lonely drops of rain
pure and virgin, yet it falls
ripped apart by the waitng sand
only to be drenched and drowned

standing by the window, in the rain
inside its cozy and so very warm
my soul now outside in the rain, all drenched
not waiting, but watching the falling droplets

Let Go...But They??

Heavy on the heart, tired is the soul
Glad to carry, we live on with the load
Hard to see, Cloudy eyes with tears
Why live just die, can't you just let go

Once its a girl, then its someone close
care for you, but do quench their thirst
They thrive and live glad, you sure fall
dont fight them, but cant you just let go

It grows, a spreading tree, snap it now
clean the air, stale now hard to breath
beats your heart, even now for them
dont forget them, but cant you just let go

You are the one, not much left in there
They live, glad and you just a thought
Mounting is the burden, they are now free
Burn it, shed it, just let go...but...they ??

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poetry - Afterlife

I am just another guy
A dream to live before i die
Its burning all around, ego and pride
No one is spared, it was a fun ride

I was alive, was too loyal
I now burn alone, they set the pyre
Today they laugh, let it be
A dawn will come, them wishing for tears to come

Am now buried, deep down under you
don't be scared the soil is loose, so are you
As time goes by, a seed will thrive on me
roots digging deep on my emotions

That tree indeed wont hurt you
wont cause you any harm
you changed and died, forgot me
I live with more love for you.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mumbai--How the place spoiled my vacation..................... :(

Main was to leave my wifey home for delivery..all set and done..we started to Mumbai..forget the shivers n trembles of a so called super fast..God..landed in mumbai...into a taxi strike and heavy rains...Its now the 3rd day here...am at home..looking out to somebody else's house and feeling satisfied..Man..I need more space...a bit more will do..not the SKY at least...trust me I have been running around since morning for a snap...but all that I could find was either a building blocking a hill view or an over flowing sewage....Aaaargh...My wife will kill me for saying this..:)..but life backin Hyd was just too good...

And now...just to add to it...Here comes a news..."Heavy rains predicted for the next 24 hrs"

So ...House arrest or rest...name it what ever you want...I AM BORED IN THE MAXIMUM CITY... :(
(Just got poked by my wife for saying this..eehhee)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scratch :( - The first scratch on my Car

It finally happened..something which I had always dreaded..A scratch..God!!!..

but to be honest...I am kinda consoling myself saying that

"If you don't drive..you don't get scratches"

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rain Rain..Oh Rain!!!

Off-late it has been raining heavily in Hyderabad..I am not sure about why it starts raining when we leave office in the evening...The first drop touches the ground and my windscreen the very moment we leave..Somedays we get stuck..full bumper to bumper traffic...gosh...sometimes sewage water overflowing a narrow underpass..half tire level...all these the negatives..push them aside...the monsoon does bring very beautiful skies to our city..its so beautiful that I always end up clicking them...ooh...I just love the views...posting a couple of snaps..a peep into the abode of gods..from the city of Nizams through my bedroom window...

Trees with legs :)
My small garden
It was this bad a week ago..
Couldnt see anything..but just clicked..heehee
Laughing Clouds..
Can you see the eyes..nose..mustache and a smile..
Doesn't this look like a lazy strokes of a painter?
no comments..i was speechless to see the colors..
See the patterns...wooo...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday the 13th --Ooh--Freaky

A freaky movie..and above all Friday the 13th is 'the most widespread superstition'

The sixth day of the week and the number 13 both have foreboding reputations said to date from ancient times, and their inevitable conjunction from one to three times a year (there happens to be only one such occurrence in 2010, in the month of August) portends more misfortune than some credulous minds can bear.

According to some sources it's the most widespread superstition in the United States today. I would say that it has to be counted in the top list of superstitions across the world.

Some people refuse to go to work on Friday the 13th; some won't eat in restaurants; many wouldn't think of setting a wedding on the date.

Someone's misfortune...passed on and on through centuries...adding on all sort of spices to be feared by the world...Strange!!!...

Well...On a personal level...I will have to be very cautious today...

India..Oh! My India

Before I even start thinking of writing this blog..

A very Happy Independence to All my fellow country Men..Proud citizens of a wonderful country.          Vande Mataram..
-------------------------------ok....Let the thoughts flow...

Another Independence Day coming up..An entry in the calendar..Frowning folks as its falling on the weekend..No Holiday..Dry day is a reason to be sad for many..Yes..that's more or less it..That's what independence means to us now..I was just wondering how much it actually matters..

As our first Prime Minister said “At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance….. We end today a period of ill fortune, and India discovers herself again.”

I don't know about the country going for a re-discovery now.But if we the people do a bit of retrospection we would doubt the presence of patriotism around us.

If I was to divide the patriots in types..

Class 1 - Rarely spotted at crowded places but always seen at Red Fort on 15th August.

Class 2 - Office Goers..They remember it as its a Holiday..Cleaning, dusting etc etc

Class 3 - Found everywhere. The common man. Who is least bothered about these things.

and I am not sure where to put the most important of folks...The defence personnel and the students. The people who are actually looking forward to the independence day..Flag hostings, Parades and fun..Love you guys..You are really a class apart.

And the current situation is...now 63 years...It takes an Aamir Khan and a channel to tell us "Aditi Devo Bhava"..Incredible India ...right?...It was incredible..Many doubt it now.....Funny Isn't it?..

This is a wake up call...To stand united against all forces of bad and evil..As one country..As an Indian..As You...Jai hind...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A song from me - "Bunnies and Birds"

.....Hey Its a bunny, Hey its a bird
.....Shut up and sleep,its just a cloud

Flying around careless, the mighty whites
some white, some black, some shaded grey
come out and see the ones,at those heights
its sun then the rain, some as we pray

.....Hey Its a bunny, Hey its a bird
.....Shut up and sleep,its just a cloud

once when i was a kid,a real spoiled brat
away from home, up on the green meadows
Saw one, with the look of a nasty rat
Ran home, never looked at the shadows

.....Hey Its a bunny, Hey its a bird
.....Shut up and sleep,its just a cloud

today when i looked,out my big french window
saw a clear sky, all of blue and gloom
then it came, a small mushy white dove
i smiled as it filled whites from the loom

.....Hey Its a bunny, Hey its a bird
.....Shut up and sleep,its just a cloud

First attempt...do comment...Thanks

Photo Journalism - An Amazing Career

It was something which I was waiting to hear since long. Always wanted to do something nice and niche. If related to writing..Nothing like it. and if it has a flavour of travel and photography..Woweee..I am in for it...Well so giving all the credit to Wiki for helping me with the details and also Google (My Guru...and so for many others)..Please read on...

Photojournalism is a particular form of journalism that creates images in order to tell a news story. It is distinguished from other close branches of photography when the qualities like Timeliness, Objectivity, Narratives.

Like a writer, a photojournalist is a reporter but he or she must often make decisions instantly and carry photographic equipment, often while exposed to significant obstacles (physical danger, weather, crowds).

People have been using images to depict events for centuries, from rock paintings to engravings in major newspapers. The first big event to be captured in photography was the Crimean War, establishing the groundwork for the professional field of photojournalism. Initially, photographs were often used to accompany text stories to provide some variation and visual interest, but over time, images began to be used more exclusively to narrate stories in the media.

The field of photojournalism is distinct from that of documentary photography. Although both involve taking photographs which are objective, honest, and informative, photojournalism involves photographing specific events, while documentary photography focuses on ongoing situations. A photographer who follows traditional farmers in rural England is a documentary photographer, while a photographer who takes pictures of the aftermath of a suicide bombing for publication in the news is a photojournalist.

Both film and digital cameras, along with video cameras, can be used by photojournalists. The equipment tends to be state of the art, with many photojournalists seeking out lightweight, rugged equipment so that they are not hindered by the tools of their trade. Getting the perfect picture can also involve a fair amount of danger, as it involves being present on the front lines of an event. At the Queen of England's garden party, this may not be terribly risky, but photographers who work in war zones and in periods of civil unrest face significant risks.

I found this interesting. Hope its of interest to you as well..Thanks for reading.

Courtesy : Wikipedia and www.wisegeek.com

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter from the past

All this started in 2004. I wonder why I used to plead to every for posting comments in my blog..haha..that blog was everything for me..One article I write..I wanted everyone to read and comment on it..an excerpt below

"and those of you folks who are reading this are expected to put comments about what you read..and not just simply closing and leaving.....welll...pleaseeeeeeee dont dont close ...read on...2005 was bizzare...really bizzare...i call it the late 2k + 5..."

Let me start from the year 2004..I was slogging and really pissed off by what i was doing at my first job...I was a kiddo among all present there..hmm lemme recall..there was a guy called JK ..then RK..and apna old fella...I really was on the run after he put my name in the most wanted list for taking a long leave and being absconding for 10days...hahaha..it realy was fun when he said that.."welcome back..I thought u ran away"....spooky #$@$@#$$.....there I was with a future full of fog and dog s***...I had to quit...and then it happened ..someone from a BPO ( familiar among the top players..sorry ..no points for guessing)..called up and said that I have been shorlisted..cool dude..but chuck it ..I have to celebrate my new year...so we met up..Mocha ( he was christined Torappan recently..)..Sammy ( those who know him ..pyaar se..apna phugga..reason is classified..) and me..at a wanna-be-pub in vashi ( there were no pubs in vashi...till date )..and had a blast( literal ones!! ) and some burps (haha..u got it right..)..Amma was at home during that time..Dad was busy packing bags as he was on the verge of another transfer to Himachal Pradesh ( but this time with a promotion..congrats dad..)....shopping shopping!!!!!!!!!....this was the only thought I had for those ten days..dont ask me what I bought.....after a nerve breaking series of interviews...yippeeee....I am selected for the job...I really slept well that night...thisngs were going fine at our office..then change stuck like a hurricane...we were shifted to a new location...really among the call centre guys...( Mr.Chetan Bhagat..if u are reading this, I really agree with what you have potrayed in ON@TCC)..those guys really have a tough time..either their boss or the client..SCREWS them!!!!.....we were just getting used to this new atmosphere when we were put into an all-night shift...TERROR STUCK!!!....no options..I was in search of a green pasture but what I got was even drier than a desert...shift starting from 6:30..all the way till 4:30..am...tell me how will you guys behave if you have to...travel from vashi to malad during peak hours ( 2 1/2 to 3 hours one way )...work through the night ( this was fun!! ) and then in a state of unconciousness, you get a drop half way home..then catch a train and off to vashi..then a bus to home...I was not having any problem doing this but everyone around me was hellbound in me changing the job or atleat asking for a shift change..shift change ..no way possible ...so after 7 months...I again started to search for a greener pasture...got many a calls but wasnt able to attend many...few of them were stinky...between this Mocha shifted to bangalore..a nice thing to happen..am really proud of you my boy...u really fought well..and came victorious...

Changes again were happning in my life..some time in Jan..Amma called and said that I have to shift from my relatives place..within 24hours..god knows what went wrong..who cares afterall..but I had to shift ( anything for her... )...along came a friend who did show the courtesy to accomodate me in his pew...he was in the day shift and myself in the night ..really a tough time...blah!!!!!!!

gosh..I was fed up of running here and there, and was in a dire need to live life on my own...so again the hunt began..this time for a better job and most important a place of my own to stay ... luck favoured fast this time and I got an apartment ( my regime...a wolf's lair )...and a job in one of the top companies in the world..my life changed and also changed was my approach to it....am just mid way here..Life started to root..I started liking what I was doing..may be that is where I belonged..nice boss and a good enough job..high expectations..life was good...Out in that company I met my wifey..well time changes when you have company...Thats another story..another post maybe..so standing on the corpse of the time that went by...its breath still remaining....I am screaming....and screaming....and screaming....and screaming....and screaming....and screaming..................phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poetry - Mystic Regime

Came across this old poem which I had written sometime back. For those who believe in time, its September 13, 2005. and those like me who think that time is just another attribute for measuring the journey to the ultimate truth ,this poem was written just after the rains..

The bells of wisdom blew in harmony
sacred chants of praise filled the air
the wind wandered as if, was lost
across the horizon, went on a ceremony

drops of dew awoke to a new day
freshness filled the soul, cleansing feel
sandal scents took over ruling mist
the bride dressed in red, made her way

spreading the warmth of love and hope
she walked along, awakening the stars
her mate, the ruler but of the dark
their union and everything under scope

they meet twice to begin and end
even the gods, take stands for a see
a short time when goodness rules
it'll happen again, but at day's end

these words of mine, a prayer for you
all dreams real and may come true
do share the goodness of this day
spread happiness, it returns to thou

Poetry - Life of a Bubble

Was born in full bloom, in the heat
Eager to face the world out there
Looked up  to the clear blue skies
No way down, Destiny is way above

Lost was the bubble on its way up
Fighting back all those ugly thoughts
Followed one which just got burst
No way down, Destiny is near the top

Screamed another, fate is decided
Many in line, life is turning them on
Pushed away the desire to stay blown
No way down, Destiny is way above

Pushed harder, to face the nasty truth
The moment of life, meeting its death
At the brim, smiled just before the burst
No way down, Destiny's left near the top

Monday, August 9, 2010

We the Paranoids..

"Blame it on Fate" thats what we hear everytime anything goes wrong. Time is just another culprit to be blamed. No money..Its not yet time for you to have money...No Job..again fate..no marriage...obviously fate..everything is fate..and man had this reason to streamline things when there was no order in the society. Now...today when everything is in place..be it a home delivery (:O) or a highspeed internet connection, every T, D and H will call themselves tech savvy. Dont know anything...but will for sure have a phone / laptop they dont know how to use..too much..Is it money thats playing the game these days..no i dont think so coz today the most calls from everyone's mobiles go to investment companies..savings savings savings...but for whom..no one knows...everyone says ..for a better tomorrow..but for whose tomm are we fighting..

our cycle of life is very very simple...Born --> Live --> Create --> Live --> Die...In this we do everything...but what do we actually acheive here...nothing...we are born..fine...but someone took care of us..lived...again someone comes in...work for someone...somebody has to pay right..or manage i believe...and then create...one person cannot do that also....again live..looking after someone..and being looked after..and then finally the happiest stage in life..die...Thats probably the only thing which comes to one and only that person can die...cannot share...cannot pass...neither can it be imposed on anyone...

So what are you searching for...your death time on some search engine...go on go on ...there are many calculators available...

Movie Review - Janakan - Malayalam

This has the look of a serious movie..with a family touch..and it is indeed a serious movie..A touch of Mohan Lal's gimmicks and Suresh Gopi's beaten up emotions...the movie is a worth watch..
A bit different from my review of bodyguard, i wont tell the story of this movie..Not because it has a suspense and my blog would dampen the feelings...The reason s...You should see the movie as it has a very very good message...and is made much like our society behaves these days..

Applaudable performances from Lt. Col Lal and Bharat Suresh Gopi.

Another thing which i liked in the movie is the selection of artists.MohanLal and Suresh Gopi are fitting the roles they play. and the villians...Gosh..when I saw the characters...I wished to get a chance to slap them myself..the artists are that good...

And a standing ovation for the director to consider a topic such as RAPE which is a social menace..and also the way the accused should be treated...Hats Off...and Thank you for such a movie..I Say So!!!!

Our Indica Xeta - WE Love it

Nearly 6 months..read too many reviews...knocked many doors...took multiple opinions...feared my decision..goodness...had sleepless nights..and what not..

Opinions ranged from buying a Maruti Wagon R, Ford Figo, Hyundai i10, Hyundai Santro, Chevy Spark, Zen Estillo and a couple more...some would stress the value for money..some emphasised on the mileage..some the looks and some the brand...and me..I thought all are right...until...

The day me and my wifey decided to buy a Tata Indica Xeta LPG (Furnace Red)...we were sure of what we are doing...

I even took inspiration from the name...and named my blog after it..XETA RED...

No offence meant...but i dont like the look of a WagonR (keeping aside everything), Figo was not yet launched, Hyundai was not fitting up in my budget and i couldnt fit up in an Alto or Spark..Beat was good but on road prices killed us..Xeta gave us all...

Looks + Price + Space + etc etc etc

(I don't intend to go for a rally..no cross country..no competition for the looks / mileage..i just need a car which would fit my needs and is affordable..coz its me who will be paying for it and driving it..

 Thank you Tata for this simple wondercar. Well coming back to my car..Love you dear car..muaaaah!!!


Despite the uncertainty on how life began, it is generally accepted that those flocking to a water hole is the most shabbily lit part of the city are called party animals. Forgetting or keeping side, the evolution of those who inhabited the Earth from approximately 3–4 billion years, we did evolve and that too on a very wide angle.
In the panoramic view of life when the world is standing bewildered about the reason of your birth, Ask anyone where they came from. It won’t be from the sands of time or not even from the near past. We humans have a very different route of evolution to trace back.
Beyond the times of love and war
Beyond the era of heaven and hell
An age of life when man lived full
Not a thing to loose, none to fear
Kings of the jungle, that’s what we were
Ate raw, without a single thought
killed to survive, was never for fun
we lived long, with no pledges attached
Those days are gone, now we are re-fined
Polished with manners, eating with steel
We kill for pleasure and fun for sure
have lots of money, now a reason to live
should think back and now think big
think which is good, stone or steel
to live with others or to live for one
we now  more animals, when did we evolve
 Evolution for us is not what happened from an ape to what we are today. I would have been slapped by those defining genetics for saying all this. But for sure I am right when i say that i don’t have a link to any ape or an orangutan for that matter. While in school we were told that a monkey was our ancestor. What is wrong if a kid goes back and gets upset not seeing one picture of a monkey in the family album? I might find an ancestor in a monkey or anything that walks on two legs but i can say this out loud that we are still following the paths of our ancestors. They lived on trees, true that we don’t have many left. We live in mid air. They survived on meat and knew nothing about the food chain. Neither have we done that. One section of our planet eats everything alive. While some eat what is remaining. They used to live in a jungle. We don’t have much left of it but we do have a replica made in steel and concrete to live in. Yes; one thing we did evolve in. Today we have a reason to kill; not a license to kill; but a reason to erase anything and everything from the face of our planet. It was never done by our ancestors. Its us who know everything..Who have the power to define everything..But still unaware whether there is going to be a culture or even a small tribe for which we are going to be ancestors. Please don’t burn your brains thinking about ancestors and monkeys climbing and dangling in the concrete jungle and eating with steel spoons...there’s already lot of smoke outside...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poetry - This is what we are..

We are happy, or atleast have a smile
Never Sad, but do jewel a silly frown
Never jealous, but hey whats the deal?
Live on, this is what we really are

Worried about others, for sure bad
Selfish, but do care for some charity
Some money for kids and one holy dip
We are clean, this is what we really are

Money, a way to live but never spend
Credit is the word, but sure cant repay
No emotions, grey cells are thinking high
Dead ones, this is what we really are

Do we ever, really care for others?
Do we ever, do think of emotions?
Can we ever, do forget money?
Forget it, this is what we really are.

---think about this--even machines have started to think these days...

A Pathetic Short Story

Manoj lay silent looking up at the tree top. There was a wood pecker somewhere on the tree but he couldn’t tell the exact location of the sound. While the pecker was busy with its job, Manoj slowly slid into his own world of dreams. He dreamt about many things which even he was not sure of. But among his many dreams was the one which was very close to his heart…the dream of his life..the dream that pulls him of his way..a dream which brings a tear of joy and also a shiny smile. I also first thought it was about a girl..but when I realised what it was..I felt bewildered…

By noon that day, the results were out and the news spread about chikki being the topper in her class. She was the beauty of the class and was looked upon in awe by the whole college. When she walked, it was said by the guys that it made them forget their existence.

The pecker continued the tapping and manoj started to get bugged by the sound. The Sound which brought him solitude was now becoming a noise. He was waiting for his life who had promised to meet him in the afternoon was not yet there.

His eyes threw a tiring glance at the watch for a number of times..he was getting annoyed by each passing moment.

She was never late and had never kept him waiting. But today when the world was at her feet, she decided to be with him in a moment later than usual..She rushed past the maddening crowd and saw him at his favourite place waiting for her. Manoj saw her running towards him..and his dream flashed in front of his eyes…the dream about chikki..his K9 companion won the “best canine” award at the “district dog show”…..I walked away wondering what his other dreams would be!!!!...Didnt get the courage to turn back and see how the wood pecker felt at that moment..poor thing..

hehehe...thanks for reading

Greetings - for different occassions

Had a craze to write rhymes for occassions. Thought of bringing them online..
Occasion: Birthday
Brand New Day

Rolled down, Another drop of dew
Today with no sorrow or just a few
A day with loving wishes packed in all
"Happy Birthday" with love from one n all

Occasion: Marriage

Shining Bond

Like the moon, in the night so thin
May you find, happiness and love within
Blessed to be close, may you live as one
Wishes, begin each day just as a new one


Occasion: Anniversary - To Eachother

Days Ahead

Beads of love, in glittering wine
her dreams, wishes are mine
We start here, long way ahead
to stay together, always newly wed

To Wife

New Bloom

Not so long ago, a day much like this
it all started with a ring and a kiss
a shy you and a blushed me, lost in love
Great times went by,holding you my dove
Today, celebrating the dawn of our life
A loving Anniversary, Oh Loving Wife!!

To Husband

In your love

A day much like this, not so long ago
when love was born and gone was the ego
lost in love, you and me holding hands
Great times went by,like time's in sands
Today, celebrating with you my dear love
A loving Anniversary,my man my only love

... Do comment ...

Post from the dream city of history,culture,food and technology - Hyderabad

A few snaps..When rains lashed the small patch in the city of Nizams..Hyderabad...keeping it short...
Let the pictures do the talking

Blessed window-pane
i love this snap..
Hand of God...

Movie Review - BodyGuard - Malayalam

When I first saw the poster of this movie, I had a feeling that this will give me something to laugh on. The star cast was also proming with Dileep and Nayan Tara in lead roles with yesteryear villain Thyagarajan playing Nayan's Don Dad. The script here has indeed tried to put in many a twists and turns but in the end it really becomes an uphill drive for the viewers. If we are to follow the sequence of the movie, I would break it down like

  1. A guy - good family - bad in studies - wants to be a baddie (a gunda / goon)
  2. Hears about a don-wishes to be his BodyGuard-and goes with a letter from someone (introductory letter / suparsha - even we need suparsha to become a gunda these days)
  3. {Someone to note here }The dons daughter - works in the factory (with designer clothes and hairdo with loads of makeup)
  4. tricks the guy to believe that she works for the Don-Poor honest guy believes her-Some very low level comedy attempts..
  5. Guy thinks she is troubled by the don-beats up a man-thats don's mon (son). Don furious. Throws him outta the house -Then---
  6. The girl convinces the Don-Dad, my fault..sorry -- Cries- Guy brought back home
  7. Next day-The very next day-Some temple-some festival- A song- Gunda's come to kill the don and family. - Armed with swords and god knows what all..
  8. Guys beats their *** down - Don Impressed - Makes him the bodyguard
  9. Vacation over - Girl wants to go back to college-Don worried-sends BG along -{Beware--There is a twist in the tale here}- To make sure that the BG is with the girl all the time, he is enrolled in college {An educated gunda}
  10. Guy sticks with the girl--protects her--and becomes the hero in the college-But girl is tired of the BodyGuard-and wants to avoid him
------------------------Now---The story of a bodyguard ends--and a different movie plot begins {This has got nothing to do with a bodyguard / his life / anything related to him--ANYTHING}----So will start a new series of numbers

  1. Girl gives the guy missed calls-from a private number-[There is a scene where harisree ashokan reads private number as "Parvathy Nambiar"..hahaha...that was a good punch indeed]
  2. Many many calls-no identity of the girl-Guy falls for the girl-wants to meet her-No from the girl
  3. Girl scared but loves the guy-finally decides to meet the guy-But plans change at last minute-no meeting
  4. Exams scheduled-Guy decides not to appear-girl promises-if u get first rank-will meet you
  5. Guy studies his A** off..exams over- girl calls- says will elope
  6. {oops--forgot to mention--there are a couple of songs which dont relate anywhere}..so forgot where they were placed..
  7. ok..so they plan to elope..Next day..6 am..first train..last compartment..dialogues from both :) "if u dont come..i will end my life there"..{and meet in the otherworld maybe}..
  8. The guy doesnt know that its the girl who is calling him...says bye to girl and leaves...Girl calls again..
  9. Twist --- Maid overhears dialogue - Shocked - oooh - calls up the Don dad and leaks everything up..
  10. Guy caught - Thrashed - All this happens - the day is ending--aaah..if the guy doesnt reach the station--the girl will go--girl wants to save the guy--says that its someone else not her--guy is allowed to go..oohlala..
  11. Guy reaches station...last train about to leave--girl troubled..worried -Don Dad says to goons " Kill that bugger if there is no girl with him"..what a sentimental Don..
  12. Girl sends her friend to tell the guy.."will wait for your call...luv u my teddy"..friend reaches station..runs to catch the train..guy thinks its the girl who calls him..and pulls her in..hugs her..The goons see this..and leave..(good goons..)
  13. Girl calls friend..friend wants to save the guy..cuts the call...throws away the phone {she cud hv changed the sim at the next station..hehe..good it was not an IPhone}
  14. Time passes by--At the speed of light--
  15. Train scene-Kid reading his mothers diary-crying-his momma died sometime back {poor kid}-Guy comes-dressed in Armani--{he was having a meeting in the train--what a face life to the Indian Railways-corporate meetings happening in trains}
  16. Guy and kid reach the girls house-The Don's house-Don's not well-{No one is there in the house..no wife..no son..no goons..No One..may be the Don retired}
  17. Guy comes to know-Girl not married yet-..Dialogue--"Why???..Why???"
  18. Guy and kid leaving- Kid asks the girl.."Aunty can i call you Mummy?"..Girl cries..kid cries..even i cried..everyone cried..
  19. Now-The guy is furious on his son-freak-says-dumb kid-and- even the Don Dad says that its his wish..hehe...The Girl is ready to go..
  20. Station again-Guy-Girl and Kid- in the compartment {Dont understand why no one took reservations in that compartment..May be the guy booked it all...filthy rich now..he afterall had a first rank studying literature all the time..(everyscene in college was either a Shakespear or Shelly extract)
  21. So..Guy touches Girl (much of a suhaag raat scene look alike - closeup of palms)..Kid smiles- Train moves on..and tall grass swayed beside the tracks (i loved that portion..very scenic indeed)..
  22. The END
but am still crying...lost nearly two hours..a good portion of my download share..Aaaargh and god knows what all..

Rating : 2 / 5
Risk    : :) - Leaving it to you to decide

P.S : No offence meant to anyone..Everyone is saying that the mallu industry is lacking good scripts..so didnt expect a good script at all..

Even with no good scipts in the market.. people are all investing..hehe..so the purpose here is to invest and then make everyone cry...

Sorry to folks who are real Bodyguards and hats off to them for standing stall next to the weenies in all industries

Picture Courtesy : http://www.nowrunning.com/ and http://www.shutterstock.com/ (Thank You for the help)

Poetry - Down the Road

Was standing in awe, near the line
striking waves, coming hard on my mind
beads of joy and floods of sorrow
am now happy, but no place to go

said i was alone long ago,a loser me
crept up a smile breaking my lips
sighed hard, pushed across the waves
Life fine Am glad, but no place to go

had a reason to fight, even with myself
now its tough, as i did win the battle
what now?, oh! its another creeping wave
cribbing, do we need a place to go ?

the wave died, sure so will i someday
my fights and false pride wont matter
a moment for others, and live in peace
i belong here, why need a place to go?

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