Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Snaps from the Maximum city

From the city of dreams...where everyone is king..where the rich is getting richer and the poor is no going anywhere...where people fight...claim of it as their own..probably the city with highest number of migrants..the city which in someway or the other has made its way into the life of every Indian..and probably much of the world as well..

what can you relate this to??

Lonely..very lonely.. :(

Think..there is so much left in a broken bulb..this once used to lighten the path for us..broke..now abandoned..Aint this true everywhere???

I will call this freedom..
And this is Happiness..
Whats left to say?..
Just like that..eehhee
Triangle love story..:D

Count the colors..
I know that this post is getting streched..Let me present to you..the SOULFOOD of Mumbai..
Hot n Steamy - Vada Paav..I did go for a second serving...Yummyyy

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