Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dream of a new bloom

In the passing wind, sighed the bud by the river
A distant dream to float just floated off in the passing wave
A floating petal, a wish that crashed with a shiver
A dry leaf, the one which floated off in the wave

Little did the bud know, a beautiful bloom it would be
Sad it stood drooping, as if awaiting its doom to come
Heard the sobs, was a dotted old swirling little bee
Was a bug or so a pest but stood strong a hope for some

Brought in the magic seeds of love, to wipe away the gloom
Prayed to the god of light and the maiden of rains
Astonished, she bloomed to a glowing bright red bloom
Not the wind or the sun, even the river forgot its pains

Then came a day and so did the wind, in rushing spree
Was born a wave, a kiss of love to the river flowing
The floating petal, the wish of a new born and the bee
Stood the bloom, exited and all lost but forever glowing

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cubicle Paranoia - Face the Fear

A wish I had almost six months back was to bring doom to someone whom I thought added to the pain I was in at that time. Out of frustration, I wrote the above line and wola..the solution to it was just there..right in front of my eyes..

"A wish I had almost six months back was to bring doom to someone whom I thought added to the pain I was in at that time."

So there it was..the problem was in this I..tried my level best to keep him off the thoughts..but all failed..then one fine day I wrote a mail to him and also a friend request on a popular social networking site for working professionals..Many days without a reply..and then he replied..haha..some unknown level of satisfaction that I was able to face this guy..I am not sure why but something in this fella always made me feel uncomfortable and felt like I am scared of him..hahaha...

There are many things which I would prefer to be left under the stone..mainly due to corporate ethics and also professional practices..Its after all a small world..I forgave him..but still do remember his name..someday... :D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


A moment of silence to all those souls departed..

Mumbai - A New Chapter in My Life

After a brief stint of over 3 years, fate now has me in the city of dreams fondly called Mumbai..Not much changes since I left almost 6 years back..The city is always on the there is no space left on the ground..Sky scrappers are all n humid thru the year..a city that comes to a standstill with one strong downpour..etc etc...all that apart..I thank this mighty maximum city for giving me a chance to come over and live with the million dreamers.....

SO here I start again...armed with my tweets and a few new ideas...

The stuff around here will still be mystic..sorrounded by a hue of blue...a very mystic..very blue..

Welcome back to Xetared :)...Welcome Mumbai to XetaRed..A blue carpet welcome to the dream city..