Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wings Of Love

These snaps reminded me of true love :) ..and probably much more than that..

When was the last time you pecked your loved one with so much care ???

I truly can be a paparazzi..oops..privacy invaded..sorry folks..

My Fav snap...she's eager for a shot...he's pissed off..
What a mean world it is???...Kaam khatam...shurrrrr

Khunnas???...Might be thinking how to kill me for making his gal fly away??...

Also found were a few other couples..

Old chaps I think...seasoned in love..least bothered of my presence..hehe
When these guys came face to face..I thought it will be a kissy wissy..but they just sat like this for some 15 odd mins..AND FLEW AWAY...Darnnnn...

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