Sunday, March 6, 2011

Internet - The Wowee Wobbly Web

There was a time when we all used to flock to the library or to the nearest relative for a book when we had a doubt about anything in life. There also was a time when we used to talk to everyone rather than just a ping or tweet. A letter used to mean a blue colored Indian Postal Service Envelope and not the electronic version of it. No one had a mobile phone and the phones which used to exist were meant to talk and not to play games. I sometimes wonder the way we are taking our life. I will take my case as an example and will support that by saying that I am one among those goofed up geeks who wished for a search option when reading my early morning newspaper. Sounds weird...isn't it...yes it is weird. We are so used to the Internet that more than information sharing & making our life better...It is actually becoming a way of life for us. Imagine a day...forget weeks n months...Just a day without your phone..your internet connection...your TV...and all that we depend on for a healthy life style...what will we do..Well the irony is..all these still depend on things which could cease to exist anytime..on one end we say that life is to be lived..but the question is are we indeed living our life or are we being lived…Am not sure...what do you think?...

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