Sunday, March 6, 2011

United Yet Divided

Everyday in some form or the other, we come across a statement which says that we citizens are united and nothing can split us apart. We blame politicians. We blame the Media. We blame the western world but there is one section which we never consider or never blame..Wondering who they are??..don’t be surprised…Its each of us. A great democracy and a wonderful country Indeed. Not to offend anyone but everyone in our land needs an identity which they firmly believe, would be found in some foreign land. Irony isnt it. If this wasn’t worse, imagine the situation the home ministry is tackling these days. Many around, need a separate piece of land for themselves. Surprising to see that people are still interested in seeing our land divided. A division happening within India in very much valid but talk about the northern peak of the country, we feel our blood boiling. I believe that if we oppose the division of the northern sector then we shouldn’t be speaking about a division within the country.

At this stage, I might sound like someone living in utopia. A perfect place. Yes..No doubt I am staying in a wonderful piece of land. The trouble is we are so very much attached to this piece that we need it all for ourselves. Someone comes says something and wola...We are out to fight without even thinking for a minute. situation of thought for everyone. Long back, our country was a cluster of small kingdoms. Many came, ruled us. We say that we accepted them all. But may be the wrongs prevailed. So there were lots of small kingdoms in an area called Hindustan. Someone from outside came and gathered under one umbrella..I know this will be opposed..So re-quoting..We united for opposing someone who came from outside. We were then called “Divided yet United” or Unity in Diversity. Let’s think about today..We are fighting for separate pieces..May be a route back to those dark ages of our country..We are very much united..More or less “United yet Divided”.

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