Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life in a folder

It’s considered to be the best of life styles and does attract a lot of attention when you take in the trademark deep breath with a pause and say that “I work for a company at so and so number in the word”. It sure is a matter of pride for many. It’s a way for life for lot may people including me. For some it’s a thing which would help them in all that they do. But whatever the reason is and whomsoever you talk to, either praises or curses this technology buffet in some way or the other. It would be foolishness if I start saying about what IT does for everyone. There is not a single person I know without an e-mail Id of their own. Be it a kid who is 2 years old with an account in a social networking site (Their dads make it for them with pride) or an 85 year old veteran doing a video conferencing with his son who is settled in some far across nations, technology has not only touched but has tightened its grip on everyone in some way or the other.

A day at office, for one in the industry usually starts by checking their emails. This would be followed by starting off with the chores assigned to them. With coffee breaks and cigarette sessions, the watches are glanced upon a million times during the day…Please don’t think that its to see when its going to be 6..its usually to run back to the work stations with a thought of how to tackle the next meeting. As the day goes by and by the time we reach home, finish off the tasks at home and settle down to relax…the first thing that we reach out for is our cell phones.. be it high ends or low ones, we have our share of songs and pictures arranged neatly in them. When we retire to bed with a book in hand, we usually read something to sooth our senses or something which would help us improve at work. Probably some book to awaken the senses for a better career deals or some to think out of the box.

Well.. as the cycle continues, isn’t it time to actually stop for a minute and think about the fact that we are actually not living in boxes to think out of it…No matter how messed up our living room in, we live an organized and disciplined life in a folder.

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