Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dream of a new bloom

In the passing wind, sighed the bud by the river
A distant dream to float just floated off in the passing wave
A floating petal, a wish that crashed with a shiver
A dry leaf, the one which floated off in the wave

Little did the bud know, a beautiful bloom it would be
Sad it stood drooping, as if awaiting its doom to come
Heard the sobs, was a dotted old swirling little bee
Was a bug or so a pest but stood strong a hope for some

Brought in the magic seeds of love, to wipe away the gloom
Prayed to the god of light and the maiden of rains
Astonished, she bloomed to a glowing bright red bloom
Not the wind or the sun, even the river forgot its pains

Then came a day and so did the wind, in rushing spree
Was born a wave, a kiss of love to the river flowing
The floating petal, the wish of a new born and the bee
Stood the bloom, exited and all lost but forever glowing

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