Monday, August 9, 2010


Despite the uncertainty on how life began, it is generally accepted that those flocking to a water hole is the most shabbily lit part of the city are called party animals. Forgetting or keeping side, the evolution of those who inhabited the Earth from approximately 3–4 billion years, we did evolve and that too on a very wide angle.
In the panoramic view of life when the world is standing bewildered about the reason of your birth, Ask anyone where they came from. It won’t be from the sands of time or not even from the near past. We humans have a very different route of evolution to trace back.
Beyond the times of love and war
Beyond the era of heaven and hell
An age of life when man lived full
Not a thing to loose, none to fear
Kings of the jungle, that’s what we were
Ate raw, without a single thought
killed to survive, was never for fun
we lived long, with no pledges attached
Those days are gone, now we are re-fined
Polished with manners, eating with steel
We kill for pleasure and fun for sure
have lots of money, now a reason to live
should think back and now think big
think which is good, stone or steel
to live with others or to live for one
we now  more animals, when did we evolve
 Evolution for us is not what happened from an ape to what we are today. I would have been slapped by those defining genetics for saying all this. But for sure I am right when i say that i don’t have a link to any ape or an orangutan for that matter. While in school we were told that a monkey was our ancestor. What is wrong if a kid goes back and gets upset not seeing one picture of a monkey in the family album? I might find an ancestor in a monkey or anything that walks on two legs but i can say this out loud that we are still following the paths of our ancestors. They lived on trees, true that we don’t have many left. We live in mid air. They survived on meat and knew nothing about the food chain. Neither have we done that. One section of our planet eats everything alive. While some eat what is remaining. They used to live in a jungle. We don’t have much left of it but we do have a replica made in steel and concrete to live in. Yes; one thing we did evolve in. Today we have a reason to kill; not a license to kill; but a reason to erase anything and everything from the face of our planet. It was never done by our ancestors. Its us who know everything..Who have the power to define everything..But still unaware whether there is going to be a culture or even a small tribe for which we are going to be ancestors. Please don’t burn your brains thinking about ancestors and monkeys climbing and dangling in the concrete jungle and eating with steel spoons...there’s already lot of smoke outside...

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