Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Poetry - Mystic Regime

Came across this old poem which I had written sometime back. For those who believe in time, its September 13, 2005. and those like me who think that time is just another attribute for measuring the journey to the ultimate truth ,this poem was written just after the rains..

The bells of wisdom blew in harmony
sacred chants of praise filled the air
the wind wandered as if, was lost
across the horizon, went on a ceremony

drops of dew awoke to a new day
freshness filled the soul, cleansing feel
sandal scents took over ruling mist
the bride dressed in red, made her way

spreading the warmth of love and hope
she walked along, awakening the stars
her mate, the ruler but of the dark
their union and everything under scope

they meet twice to begin and end
even the gods, take stands for a see
a short time when goodness rules
it'll happen again, but at day's end

these words of mine, a prayer for you
all dreams real and may come true
do share the goodness of this day
spread happiness, it returns to thou

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