Monday, August 9, 2010

We the Paranoids..

"Blame it on Fate" thats what we hear everytime anything goes wrong. Time is just another culprit to be blamed. No money..Its not yet time for you to have money...No Job..again marriage...obviously fate..everything is fate..and man had this reason to streamline things when there was no order in the society. when everything is in it a home delivery (:O) or a highspeed internet connection, every T, D and H will call themselves tech savvy. Dont know anything...but will for sure have a phone / laptop they dont know how to use..too much..Is it money thats playing the game these i dont think so coz today the most calls from everyone's mobiles go to investment companies..savings savings savings...but for one knows...everyone says ..for a better tomorrow..but for whose tomm are we fighting..

our cycle of life is very very simple...Born --> Live --> Create --> Live --> Die...In this we do everything...but what do we actually acheive here...nothing...we are born..fine...but someone took care of us..lived...again someone comes for someone...somebody has to pay right..or manage i believe...and then person cannot do that also....again live..looking after someone..and being looked after..and then finally the happiest stage in life..die...Thats probably the only thing which comes to one and only that person can die...cannot share...cannot pass...neither can it be imposed on anyone...

So what are you searching for...your death time on some search engine...go on go on ...there are many calculators available...

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