Sunday, August 8, 2010

Poetry - This is what we are..

We are happy, or atleast have a smile
Never Sad, but do jewel a silly frown
Never jealous, but hey whats the deal?
Live on, this is what we really are

Worried about others, for sure bad
Selfish, but do care for some charity
Some money for kids and one holy dip
We are clean, this is what we really are

Money, a way to live but never spend
Credit is the word, but sure cant repay
No emotions, grey cells are thinking high
Dead ones, this is what we really are

Do we ever, really care for others?
Do we ever, do think of emotions?
Can we ever, do forget money?
Forget it, this is what we really are.

---think about this--even machines have started to think these days...

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