Monday, August 9, 2010

Movie Review - Janakan - Malayalam

This has the look of a serious movie..with a family touch..and it is indeed a serious movie..A touch of Mohan Lal's gimmicks and Suresh Gopi's beaten up emotions...the movie is a worth watch..
A bit different from my review of bodyguard, i wont tell the story of this movie..Not because it has a suspense and my blog would dampen the feelings...The reason s...You should see the movie as it has a very very good message...and is made much like our society behaves these days..

Applaudable performances from Lt. Col Lal and Bharat Suresh Gopi.

Another thing which i liked in the movie is the selection of artists.MohanLal and Suresh Gopi are fitting the roles they play. and the villians...Gosh..when I saw the characters...I wished to get a chance to slap them myself..the artists are that good...

And a standing ovation for the director to consider a topic such as RAPE which is a social menace..and also the way the accused should be treated...Hats Off...and Thank you for such a movie..I Say So!!!!


  1. Selection of Artists...?? Are there any other actors apart from Mohan Lal / Mammotty / Suresh Gopi / Prithvi Raj?

    No wonder, Mallu film industry is in dire need of Actors Hari...What Say?


    - Krishna Menon.

  2. Oops...that would be tough to say...when there are even taluk based fans associations for these guys..Ask anyone in Kerala...they would either be a vadakkan veeragadha fan or Kireedam fan...:)..