Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Letter from the past

All this started in 2004. I wonder why I used to plead to every for posting comments in my blog..haha..that blog was everything for me..One article I write..I wanted everyone to read and comment on excerpt below

"and those of you folks who are reading this are expected to put comments about what you read..and not just simply closing and leaving.....welll...pleaseeeeeeee dont dont close on...2005 was bizzare...really bizzare...i call it the late 2k + 5..."

Let me start from the year 2004..I was slogging and really pissed off by what i was doing at my first job...I was a kiddo among all present there..hmm lemme recall..there was a guy called JK ..then RK..and apna old fella...I really was on the run after he put my name in the most wanted list for taking a long leave and being absconding for realy was fun when he said that.."welcome back..I thought u ran away"....spooky #$@$@#$$.....there I was with a future full of fog and dog s***...I had to quit...and then it happened ..someone from a BPO ( familiar among the top players..sorry points for guessing)..called up and said that I have been dude..but chuck it ..I have to celebrate my new we met up..Mocha ( he was christined Torappan recently..)..Sammy ( those who know him ..pyaar se..apna phugga..reason is classified..) and a wanna-be-pub in vashi ( there were no pubs in vashi...till date )..and had a blast( literal ones!! ) and some burps (haha..u got it right..)..Amma was at home during that time..Dad was busy packing bags as he was on the verge of another transfer to Himachal Pradesh ( but this time with a promotion..congrats dad..) shopping!!!!!!!!!....this was the only thought I had for those ten days..dont ask me what I bought.....after a nerve breaking series of interviews...yippeeee....I am selected for the job...I really slept well that night...thisngs were going fine at our office..then change stuck like a hurricane...we were shifted to a new location...really among the call centre guys...( Mr.Chetan Bhagat..if u are reading this, I really agree with what you have potrayed in ON@TCC)..those guys really have a tough time..either their boss or the client..SCREWS them!!!!.....we were just getting used to this new atmosphere when we were put into an all-night shift...TERROR STUCK!!! options..I was in search of a green pasture but what I got was even drier than a desert...shift starting from 6:30..all the way till me how will you guys behave if you have from vashi to malad during peak hours ( 2 1/2 to 3 hours one way ) through the night ( this was fun!! ) and then in a state of unconciousness, you get a drop half way home..then catch a train and off to vashi..then a bus to home...I was not having any problem doing this but everyone around me was hellbound in me changing the job or atleat asking for a shift change..shift change way possible after 7 months...I again started to search for a greener many a calls but wasnt able to attend many...few of them were stinky...between this Mocha shifted to bangalore..a nice thing to really proud of you my boy...u really fought well..and came victorious...

Changes again were happning in my life..some time in Jan..Amma called and said that I have to shift from my relatives place..within 24hours..god knows what went wrong..who cares afterall..but I had to shift ( anything for her... )...along came a friend who did show the courtesy to accomodate me in his pew...he was in the day shift and myself in the night ..really a tough time...blah!!!!!!!

gosh..I was fed up of running here and there, and was in a dire need to live life on my again the hunt began..this time for a better job and most important a place of my own to stay ... luck favoured fast this time and I got an apartment ( my regime...a wolf's lair )...and a job in one of the top companies in the life changed and also changed was my approach to just mid way here..Life started to root..I started liking what I was doing..may be that is where I belonged..nice boss and a good enough job..high was good...Out in that company I met my wifey..well time changes when you have company...Thats another story..another post standing on the corpse of the time that went by...its breath still remaining....I am screaming....and screaming....and screaming....and screaming....and screaming....and screaming..................phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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