Sunday, August 8, 2010

Greetings - for different occassions

Had a craze to write rhymes for occassions. Thought of bringing them online..
Occasion: Birthday
Brand New Day

Rolled down, Another drop of dew
Today with no sorrow or just a few
A day with loving wishes packed in all
"Happy Birthday" with love from one n all

Occasion: Marriage

Shining Bond

Like the moon, in the night so thin
May you find, happiness and love within
Blessed to be close, may you live as one
Wishes, begin each day just as a new one


Occasion: Anniversary - To Eachother

Days Ahead

Beads of love, in glittering wine
her dreams, wishes are mine
We start here, long way ahead
to stay together, always newly wed

To Wife

New Bloom

Not so long ago, a day much like this
it all started with a ring and a kiss
a shy you and a blushed me, lost in love
Great times went by,holding you my dove
Today, celebrating the dawn of our life
A loving Anniversary, Oh Loving Wife!!

To Husband

In your love

A day much like this, not so long ago
when love was born and gone was the ego
lost in love, you and me holding hands
Great times went by,like time's in sands
Today, celebrating with you my dear love
A loving Anniversary,my man my only love

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