Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rain Rain..Oh Rain!!!

Off-late it has been raining heavily in Hyderabad..I am not sure about why it starts raining when we leave office in the evening...The first drop touches the ground and my windscreen the very moment we leave..Somedays we get stuck..full bumper to bumper traffic...gosh...sometimes sewage water overflowing a narrow underpass..half tire level...all these the negatives..push them aside...the monsoon does bring very beautiful skies to our city..its so beautiful that I always end up clicking them...ooh...I just love the views...posting a couple of snaps..a peep into the abode of gods..from the city of Nizams through my bedroom window...

Trees with legs :)
My small garden
It was this bad a week ago..
Couldnt see anything..but just clicked..heehee
Laughing Clouds..
Can you see the eyes..nose..mustache and a smile..
Doesn't this look like a lazy strokes of a painter?
no comments..i was speechless to see the colors..
See the patterns...wooo...

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