Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Pathetic Short Story

Manoj lay silent looking up at the tree top. There was a wood pecker somewhere on the tree but he couldn’t tell the exact location of the sound. While the pecker was busy with its job, Manoj slowly slid into his own world of dreams. He dreamt about many things which even he was not sure of. But among his many dreams was the one which was very close to his heart…the dream of his life..the dream that pulls him of his way..a dream which brings a tear of joy and also a shiny smile. I also first thought it was about a girl..but when I realised what it was..I felt bewildered…

By noon that day, the results were out and the news spread about chikki being the topper in her class. She was the beauty of the class and was looked upon in awe by the whole college. When she walked, it was said by the guys that it made them forget their existence.

The pecker continued the tapping and manoj started to get bugged by the sound. The Sound which brought him solitude was now becoming a noise. He was waiting for his life who had promised to meet him in the afternoon was not yet there.

His eyes threw a tiring glance at the watch for a number of times..he was getting annoyed by each passing moment.

She was never late and had never kept him waiting. But today when the world was at her feet, she decided to be with him in a moment later than usual..She rushed past the maddening crowd and saw him at his favourite place waiting for her. Manoj saw her running towards him..and his dream flashed in front of his eyes…the dream about chikki..his K9 companion won the “best canine” award at the “district dog show”…..I walked away wondering what his other dreams would be!!!!...Didnt get the courage to turn back and see how the wood pecker felt at that moment..poor thing..

hehehe...thanks for reading

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