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Movie Review - BodyGuard - Malayalam

When I first saw the poster of this movie, I had a feeling that this will give me something to laugh on. The star cast was also proming with Dileep and Nayan Tara in lead roles with yesteryear villain Thyagarajan playing Nayan's Don Dad. The script here has indeed tried to put in many a twists and turns but in the end it really becomes an uphill drive for the viewers. If we are to follow the sequence of the movie, I would break it down like

  1. A guy - good family - bad in studies - wants to be a baddie (a gunda / goon)
  2. Hears about a don-wishes to be his BodyGuard-and goes with a letter from someone (introductory letter / suparsha - even we need suparsha to become a gunda these days)
  3. {Someone to note here }The dons daughter - works in the factory (with designer clothes and hairdo with loads of makeup)
  4. tricks the guy to believe that she works for the Don-Poor honest guy believes her-Some very low level comedy attempts..
  5. Guy thinks she is troubled by the don-beats up a man-thats don's mon (son). Don furious. Throws him outta the house -Then---
  6. The girl convinces the Don-Dad, my fault..sorry -- Cries- Guy brought back home
  7. Next day-The very next day-Some temple-some festival- A song- Gunda's come to kill the don and family. - Armed with swords and god knows what all..
  8. Guys beats their *** down - Don Impressed - Makes him the bodyguard
  9. Vacation over - Girl wants to go back to college-Don worried-sends BG along -{Beware--There is a twist in the tale here}- To make sure that the BG is with the girl all the time, he is enrolled in college {An educated gunda}
  10. Guy sticks with the girl--protects her--and becomes the hero in the college-But girl is tired of the BodyGuard-and wants to avoid him
------------------------Now---The story of a bodyguard ends--and a different movie plot begins {This has got nothing to do with a bodyguard / his life / anything related to him--ANYTHING}----So will start a new series of numbers

  1. Girl gives the guy missed calls-from a private number-[There is a scene where harisree ashokan reads private number as "Parvathy Nambiar"..hahaha...that was a good punch indeed]
  2. Many many calls-no identity of the girl-Guy falls for the girl-wants to meet her-No from the girl
  3. Girl scared but loves the guy-finally decides to meet the guy-But plans change at last minute-no meeting
  4. Exams scheduled-Guy decides not to appear-girl promises-if u get first rank-will meet you
  5. Guy studies his A** off..exams over- girl calls- says will elope
  6. {oops--forgot to mention--there are a couple of songs which dont relate anywhere} forgot where they were placed..
  7. they plan to elope..Next day..6 am..first train..last compartment..dialogues from both :) "if u dont come..i will end my life there"..{and meet in the otherworld maybe}..
  8. The guy doesnt know that its the girl who is calling him...says bye to girl and leaves...Girl calls again..
  9. Twist --- Maid overhears dialogue - Shocked - oooh - calls up the Don dad and leaks everything up..
  10. Guy caught - Thrashed - All this happens - the day is ending--aaah..if the guy doesnt reach the station--the girl will go--girl wants to save the guy--says that its someone else not her--guy is allowed to go..oohlala..
  11. Guy reaches station...last train about to leave--girl troubled..worried -Don Dad says to goons " Kill that bugger if there is no girl with him"..what a sentimental Don..
  12. Girl sends her friend to tell the guy.."will wait for your call...luv u my teddy"..friend reaches station..runs to catch the train..guy thinks its the girl who calls him..and pulls her in..hugs her..The goons see this..and leave..(good goons..)
  13. Girl calls friend..friend wants to save the guy..cuts the call...throws away the phone {she cud hv changed the sim at the next station..hehe..good it was not an IPhone}
  14. Time passes by--At the speed of light--
  15. Train scene-Kid reading his mothers diary-crying-his momma died sometime back {poor kid}-Guy comes-dressed in Armani--{he was having a meeting in the train--what a face life to the Indian Railways-corporate meetings happening in trains}
  16. Guy and kid reach the girls house-The Don's house-Don's not well-{No one is there in the goons..No One..may be the Don retired}
  17. Guy comes to know-Girl not married yet-..Dialogue--"Why???..Why???"
  18. Guy and kid leaving- Kid asks the girl.."Aunty can i call you Mummy?"..Girl cries..kid cries..even i cried..everyone cried..
  19. Now-The guy is furious on his son-freak-says-dumb kid-and- even the Don Dad says that its his wish..hehe...The Girl is ready to go..
  20. Station again-Guy-Girl and Kid- in the compartment {Dont understand why no one took reservations in that compartment..May be the guy booked it all...filthy rich now..he afterall had a first rank studying literature all the time..(everyscene in college was either a Shakespear or Shelly extract)
  21. So..Guy touches Girl (much of a suhaag raat scene look alike - closeup of palms)..Kid smiles- Train moves on..and tall grass swayed beside the tracks (i loved that portion..very scenic indeed)..
  22. The END
but am still crying...lost nearly two hours..a good portion of my download share..Aaaargh and god knows what all..

Rating : 2 / 5
Risk    : :) - Leaving it to you to decide

P.S : No offence meant to anyone..Everyone is saying that the mallu industry is lacking good didnt expect a good script at all..

Even with no good scipts in the market.. people are all the purpose here is to invest and then make everyone cry...

Sorry to folks who are real Bodyguards and hats off to them for standing stall next to the weenies in all industries

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